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  • Videotutorial: How to use the Visibilizer script.


The Visibilizer script for 3DS Max lets you turn on and off the visibility of several objects at a time based on the position of an external object (controller). By animating just the controller object you can have the rest of them animated. This selfmade tool was used in conjunction with the slice modifiere in 3DS Max to create the whole construction of the Osborne's Toro Store. In this video tutorial is shown how to use the script from start. So even if you have never used one you can use this one too.


Download Visibilizer


Go to videotutorial


  • "Third Eye"


I prepared this compositing exercise for the After Effects lessons I teached to the people at London's advertising agency Creative Orchestra. The techniques involved here were masking, pick whip expressions, nesting, particles and color correction.

  • "Pangea - World against Digital divide"


This is a sketch video for a campaign for the main telephone company in Spain. This is a spot for Telefonica Foundation to spread how its activity helps to reduce the digital divide in the world, by providing acces to internet broadband conections where there wasn't.


I was asked to transform several black and white pictures into some kind of "voxels" which height would vary depending on the brightness of an image. Moving the camera to the correct location would give the impression of being looking at a diagram representing complex information.


To be able to achieve the best results in little time, I wrote a script in Maxscript to help me tweak various parameters and see the result quickly. If you use 3DMax and want to try it, you can download the script here.


I'm working to make it animatable. It admits movie clips too.

  • "Hidden geometry" - Camera tracking


I did this shot to see how Synth Eyes performs a camera tracking. The tracking result is great. I didn't change the focal point and used a high depth of field, so that Synth Eyes could find more tarjets to track. Therefor, the result was accurate. I wonder what would have happend if I had changed the optic setup during the shooting. That's something to find out in a future lab issue.


This was shot in HD but was undersized for tracking to minimize the noise and thus the posible errors in tracking.

  • 35mm traditional Matte Painting


This is a shot I did back in 2002 in a seminar by Udo Engel at the Arts School in Hamburg. The technique employed is the one that was used in visual effects shots before the digital age. In this case: double exposure of the 35mm negative.

Both exposures were done with a black carton masking just in front of the objective, so that its limits became a little bit blurred and the mixing with the painting was soft.

The first exposure was done at the original set. Here the sky was masked. The second was made in Udo's studio, this time we masked the lake part, and exposed the part where the sky should be. For this part everyone taking the seminar worked on an image.

I choose the oil technique and collage to design this sci-fi matte and place it over the lake at the second exposure.

The noise comes from the VHS I got it stored in.

  Jordi Canela Lagunas