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This is a previsualization of a new store for Toro Osborne, one of Spain biggest and most famous brands. My work here was to illuminate, apply materials and make an animation of the store's interior design construction.


The render was done using VRay and it was animated in 3DS Max. Some compositing and color correction work was done in After Effects.

The store's design was made by Implanta-Arquitectura, and the 3D modelling and UV's was done by HPAL.


I wrote a script for this project to be able to animate it quickly. It is called Visibilizer and what it lets you do basically is animate the visibility of several objects depending on the position of another object, typically a dummy. This is achieve by placing script controllers on the visibility track of the selected objects so that it becomes linked to the dummy position in any of the 3 axis.


Here is a video tutorial that explains how the script is used:


You can Download the Visibilizer Script to play around with it.


Feel free to improve it and distribute it.


  Jordi Canela Lagunas